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Bell Peng

Metal Fabricated Work Provider in China

Openex Mechanical Technology Ltd. is a professional and reliable metal fabricator from China to supply products and services to worldwide customers.

We are good at both fabrication and machining, our products range from complete set of machinery and equipment (like Potato Planter, Port Gantry, Crane, Conveyor, Cart, Wind Tower, Solar Tracker Frame) or projects (Steel Building, Highway Guardrail, Civil Engineering), to components (like Steel Frame, Steel Pallet, Steel Chassis, Cross Arms, Steel Bracket), and loose parts (like Steel Shaft, Beam, Post, Casting, Hardware, Fittings and even fastener). We are born to turn your drawings into reality through our hands and facilities, as long as they are made of metal-Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or any other alloy metals.

  • Large Dimension Complete Fabricating And Machining
  • Large Dimension Complete Fabricating And MachiningOpenex can help you get supply of those less commen steel fabrications built in a more convenient way. We offer comprehensive tailor-made metal works covering extensive machining work and metal fabrication work. Just a few facts to reflect our manufacturing capacity
  • Steel Parts for Conveyor SystemIt is made from sheet metal. First shearing into plates, and then we do bending to form square main structure. It comes in 3 sizes, small medium and big. We can use best suitable size according to the application system.
  • Custom Steel Frame (For Bench Seats, Sofa Beds)OPENEX is an expert in custom steel fabrication, and thus has the facilities, the capacity, and the experience to manufacture custom steel frames for bench seats, sofa beds, and more. Whatever style of bench seat or metal frame sofa bed you are...
  • Wind Tower We have full-rigged equipment, leading by 4HEL Plate Rolls made by Faccin (Italy), the welders and NDT operators here are all certificated as well...