Steel Pallets

Steel Pallets

As an example of steel fabrication works - the Steel Pallet shown here are for the Steel Mills to load Steel Coil or Steel Strip which may just finish and still at red hot state. The steel pallets are strong enough to hold heavy goods on it. Further more, the Rack can be transported easily by a Trailer or a Tow Truck directly insert underneath.

We are a specially established company to produce such kind of Steel Pallet which may (but not limit to) require cutting, bending, punching, welding, painting etc. We can manufacture large sized steel fabrication right aside the sea to avoid road transportation.

Please contact us with technical details (preferably with drawings) for quotation if you are in need of any of them.

Application For Steel Mills to load and carry red hot steel coil (strip),
Size Customized
Material Steel Plate, Angle, Channel, Universal Beam (I Beam, H beam)
Fabrication Shot blasting, Cutting, Bending, Drilling, Punching, Welding, Painting and etc.
Features We can manufacture large size of steel fabrication works jus aside the sea and deliver it via ocean only, this is sometimes quite important for those items not appropriate for normal road transportation.
Remark We can produce various kind of steel fabrication at customer's design. Please contact us with details (naturally with shop drawings)

Related Names
Steel Pallet for Red Hot Steel

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