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Highway guardrail is one of our major categories. The elements we supplied include: W beam (Two- wave guardrail beam), Three Wave Guardrail Beam, Stiffener, Post, Blockouts, Terminal Ends, Guardrail Bolts and Nuts (or being called Spliced bolt, Button Bolt, Mushroom Bolt etc.). Especially, we have built up special tooling to make sure the guardrails and terminals at precise shape to achieve easy installation, and consequently desired safety once accident happens.

In addition, we also supply Steel Fabricated Sign Posts and other products.
All the above elements can be galvanized to meet EN ISO 1461 or BS 729 or any of their equivalent.

Should you be in need of any of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Fabricated Elements for Highway Guardrail, or associated accessories, please contact us with technical details (preferably with drawings) for quotation. You can expect from us Good quality, Quick Delivery, Low price and Low risk.

Highway Guardrail Highway Guardrail Elements (W beam, Posts and Bolts)
Highway Guardrail or Post- Sigma Highway flexible barrier - Steel Wire Cable, Wire Rope
Highway Wire Cable - packed in reel Highway terminal ends --- for Thrie-Beam
Highway terminal ends --- for W-Beam Terminal Ends for Highway Guardrail - Bull Nose
Highway Guardrail Transition: Two Wave Beam to Three Wave Beam Steel Wire Cable Assembly for Terminal End
Openex guardrail system held the truck in accident within the road area. Reported to have saved at least five lives. Highway Sign Post and Trellis
Highway Sign Post and Trellis
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