We can supply various kind of fastener like Hex Bolt, Button Headed Bolt, Turnbuckle, Screw, Eye Bolt, etc. which are widely used for Highway Guardrail, Power Transmission Tower, Construction and so on.

We can provide bolts at high grade up to 10.9, 12.9. Some fastener with special design can be produced by our company through casting, forging, and/or machining.
Surface treatment can be Hot Dip Galvanizing, or zinc plated, or any other methods.

Should you be in need of any fastener listed or not yet listed herein, please just contact us with specification to see how we can be of help.

Fasteners for Highway Guardrail and Post Purlin Bolts, Flanged Bolts Used for Purlins
OO Turnbuckle, for Power Transmission Tower OC Turnbuckle
Curved Bolts for Tunnel Construction Tie Bolts (T Bolts) and Nuts
Anchor Bolts and Nuts Elevator Screws
Expansion Bolts Couch Bolt, Carriage Bolt
Heavy Duty Nut (made by casting)  
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