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Hot Rolled Special Steel Beam for Container, Forklift, Bridge
We can produce various kinds of special steel beam by hot rolling for the use in container manufacturing, and elevator rail, etc. If you are in search of hot rolled special steel beam for container, forklift, bridge, please continue to browse this page for more information.

Hot Rolled Rail Beam I 140V, 198x155x69x8mm, Weight: 34.5kg/m

Hot Rolled Rail Beam I 140V
Weight: 34.5kg/m
Z Section Beam
Enhanced I Beam
Hot Roll F Type Steel Beam for Road and Bridge Expansion Joint Hot Rolled Steel Beam for Road and Bridge Expansion Joint
Cage Guide

Thank you for browsing our website! Apart from hot rolled special steel beam, we can also offer steel tube, automotive metal parts, steel fabrication work, and power transmission tower, etc. All of them are provided with reliable quality and at competitive prices. In addition, metal laser cutting service, CNC machining, and metal roll forming service, etc. is also available at Openex. For more information, please feel free to contact us, a China metal fabrication provider.

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