Concrete Block Molds (Custom Steel Molds for Concrete Block Making)

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Concrete Block Molds (Custom Steel Molds for Concrete Block Making)

As a custom steel fabrication service provider, we at OPENEX have been supplying custom concrete block molds for precast concrete industry for over a decade. Over the past decade, we have supplied custom steel molds for a vast range of applications, and have established a reputation as a trusted supplier of durable and innovatively designed custom molds.

We fabricate concrete block molds to assist in producing of interlocking concrete blocks, concrete columns, etc. With our custom made steel molds, our clients can easily produce large concrete lego blocks in various dimensions and with demanded features. Thanks to the studs on top, the lego blocks can be easily stacked. We can also reinforce our molds with rebars.

All our concrete block molds are made of premium quality steel, and are available in different shapes and sizes.

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