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Pontoon Bridge

A pontoon bridge is also known as a floating bridge or a bridge of boats. Its main elements are pontoons or boat-like pontoons that can support the bridge deck, which results in its various names.

One major application of this bridge is using it for vehicles and people to pass across water in war time. In addition of the military use, it is also widely employed in civil field, especially for emergency need. Reasons are listed below.

1. The bridge is prefabricated, making it convenient to erect on site as fast as possible. To be specific, the erection of a 109m x 6.5m pontoon bridge spends only 20 minutes and needs 63 persons. And the erection of a 170m bridge costs just 30 minutes.
2. A desired length can be obtained of this bridge with the scope of dozens of meters to thousands of meters.
3. The pontoons can be craned, loaded onto trucks or into containers. And they can respectively be transported by measures of roadway, railway, or ocean freight.
4. The dismantling of the bridge is as quick as assembling. And the bridge can be then reused in other places.

We have ready designed bridges for you if there is an emergency need. We can also offer custom-made ones on the basis of your requirements, as long as the product details are provided.

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