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We can customize light weight I beam by hot rolling. The lightweight, customized steel IPE or IPN beam will help reduce the weight and save the cost where the strength is actually not so important.

Web Thickness: 2.0mm or even thinner.

Here below are two examples of light Wall I Beams. Should you be in need of such kind of Steel Beam please contact us.

Custom Made Light Weight I Beam
Width: 57mm
Height: 102mm
Flange Wall Thickness: 3.4mm
Web Wall Thickness: 2.3mm
Weight: 5kg/m
Yield Strength: Min. 500Mpa
Custom Made Light Weight I Beam
Upper Width: 42mm
Lower Width: 57mm
Height: 120mm
Flange Wall Thickness: 3.2mm
Web Wall Thickness: 2.2mm
Weight: 5kg/m
Yield Strength: Min. 500Mpa
Other Size of Light Weight or Super Light Weight I Beam we have supplied are:
IPE80-140, IPEAA80-140
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