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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Pontoon Ferry

The pontoon ferry is similar to the pontoon bridge. It is formed by a ferry which can be motorized or powered. Its major advantage is that it can cross from bank to bank, island to island, etc.

1. Through the combining of modularized steel pontoons, we can achieve various sizes of products.
2. The pontoon elements can be easily craned, loaded onto trucks, train or into containers. And they can respectively be transported by means of roadway, railway, and ocean freight.
3. This ferry can drive across narrow waters where conventional ships are not permitted to go through.
4. This pontoon ferry can be driven by tugboats or two motors attached to the broadsides.
5. It is optimal for rescue use. And it can be made into a floating dock, marine engineering platform, and even an apron for a helicopter.

Specification of 200 tons product we have ever produced
Over all length: 60mOverall Width: 11m
Moulded depth: 1.5mEffective loading area: 288 m2
Uniform distributed load: 200 tonsTrailer loading: 130ton (single trailer)
Full Load draft: 0.8mEmpty load displacement: 0.4 ton
Speed: over 7km/h (Driven by two motors attached to the broadsides
Operating Temperature: between 0 to 50℃

Note: We can also produce custom-made pontoon ferries according to your special needs

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