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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

PSB-01 Bailey Bridge

The PSB-01 Bailey bridge was first developed for military use in Britain during World War II. As a special truss bridge, it is portable and steel fabricated. Since all its elements are small and light enough to be carried in trucks or lifted into place by hand, this bridge has the advantage of requiring no special tools or heavy equipment to construct. The bridge is strong enough to provide crossings for foot or vehicle traffic, even for tanks. In addition, both temporary use and long-tern use are achievable.

Even though the single span is usually 30-200 feet, the length of this bridge can be long enough if we multiply the spans. Meanwhile the width can be 3.1m or 4.2m for a bridge with a single lane or 7.35m for a bridge with a double lane. The PSB-01 is mainly made from high tensile steel, while the deck can be steel or timber as required. In addition, we also have suspension Bailey bridge whose single span can reach 300m. It is a longer type for special needs.

If a stronger one is required, we can provide you the bridge with a single lane of 4.2m width or a double lane of 7.35m width. Additionally, the length of the bridge with a single span can reach 81m. The deck material can be both steel and concrete.

1. The PSB-01 Bailey bridge has a main element, a panel at dimension of 3.048 x 2.134m.
2. Its length can be increased by 3.048m (10 feet).
3. Its surface finish can be painting or hot dip galvanizing which is anti-rust for long life.

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