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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Paver on Soft Roadbed

The paver is specially designed for paving polyester sheet of certain thickness on soft roadbed, so that the vehicle tires will not sink. It is also helpful for an outdoor gathering held on beach, since it helps people enjoy a clean and neat place without being bothered by sand. The polyester sheet which can be retrieved and repeatedly used is a main element.

The paver is also suitable for snow or muddy areas. When driving in a snow-covered road, the vehicles need not worry about getting slip because the paver can add friction between the tires and the road. When it comes to muddy places, a steel or aluminum ally sheet will take the place of the polyester, proving a relatively solid roadway or platform and preventing the tires from sinking or getting dirty.

In addition, the paver can be used to create a large enough platform for a helicopter to park on or unload cargos. Other purposes can also be achieved if a big and neat area is simply in need.

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