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We can provide metal roll forming service. The product can be rounded, C type, Z Type, U type or other customized type.

Applications include:
1. Wind Towers and Power Generation
2. Boilers and Pressure Vessels
3. Tube and Pipe Lines
4. Heating and Ventilation
5. Rail/Road Tankers
6. Pumps, Burners and Filters
7. Ship Building, Offshore
8. Storage Tanks
9. Highway Guardrails
10. Heavy Customized Steel Fabrication Work

Plate Roll Forming - Produced by 4HEL Four Roll Plate Bending Rolls (Faccin, Italy)
Plate Thickness Max. 65mm, Width Max. 3m, Diameter Max. 6m
Application: Wind Tower, Tube and Pipelines, Tanks, Heating and Ventilations, Ship Building etc.
Three wave beam (mostly for highway guardrail) C type
W beam (mostly for highway guardrail) U Type
Metal Deck( for Scaffolding syestem) Z type (Purlin for Construction)
Sigma type (for Highway Guardrail) Rounded Pipe
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