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Quality Control in Openex
We are highly aware how important the quality means to the customers and ourselves. We experienced failures, which have brought to everyone involved headache and loss, thanks to these very failures, we are taught and become trustworthy supplier to our clients.

  • To check flat inner dimension
  • To check cylinder inner diameter
  • To check thickness of metal
  • To check the corner radius
  • Gauge to check H beam profile
  • Gauge to check W beam profile
  • To check the zinc coating thickness
  • To check the welding seam by UT
  • Wire Cable Test

  • QA Sheet --sample
  • Steel Mill Certificate
  • Steel Mill Cert
  • ISO - Openex
SGS test report SGS test report

The following is common sense for the staff at Openex:
1. Make it correctly or do nothing, for a mistake will make all its subsequent jobs non meaningful, what's worse, may even destroy all of its previous jobs to zero.
2. Without quality control, there is scarcely quality of products. The control shall be from the very first stage of the job. The later the problem is found, the more trouble may occur.
3. Mistake may happen where things are unverified.

In addition to the shared cognitions among employees, we set up the following QC procedures:
1. Keep the past failures in record and in the mind of everyone involved, at least the operators, QC Manager and Product Manager. Review the past failures simply to warn for the QC practice later on.
2. Locate the reason of the quality failure and set up the appropriate procedures to avoid re-occurrence.
3. Make the planning of QC before the job starts, and create the QC chart and QA check list.
4. Check the metal materials from when they are purchased. Check and keep their Mill Certificates, and lab test will be conducted for some key parts.
5. Check the parts/components during their production, and double check before their being packed up to make sure everything is correct.
6. Special tooling/gauge may be needed for easy inspection on some complicated parts. We carry out trial assembly if possible, to make sure the goods entirely work well.
7. Lastly, we keep our facility always in good condition and never risk a job beyond our capacity.

Thanks to the strict and successful Quality Control, we are proud of being given the job of inspection for some major companies in all of their suppliers in China (Mainland).

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