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  • Laser CuttingLaser cutting machine bed size: 16x3m and 1.5x3m
    Powered by: 4kw
    Capacity/ max. metal thickness: carbon steel: 20mm
  • Plasma CuttingWe can provide plasma cutting service. For more details, please see below.
    Plasma cutting machine bed size: 15x3.5m, type: under water
  • Bending and FoldingWe can provide metal bending and folding service for thick metal parts. If you have any interest, please continue to browse the following for more information. ..
  • Punching and StampingWe can provide metal punching and stamping service, with good price, excellent quality within the following capacity.
    NC Punching machine
    Bed size: 4000x1250mm
  • Plate Roll Forming 1. Wind Towers and Power Generation
    2. Boilers and Pressure Vessels
    3. Tube and Pipe Lines
    4. Heating and Ventilation
  • Metal Welding Service We can provide Metal Welding Service, mainly by MAG and MIG. Other methods like TIG, Laser Welding are possible upon needs. Our welding workers are all well trained, and have many years of experience. We have automatic welding equipment to make H Beam or I beam by welding, a track welding system to weld light pole is available in our factory...
  • Metal Surface Treatment 1. Hot dip galvanization for widely used outdoor metal products. Hot dip galvanizing thickness is frequently checked from the production till delivery, and meets the standard ISO 1461, ASTM-123, AS/NZS 4680, BS 729 or their equivalent.
    2. Powder coating for both outdoor and indoor environment, with various colors for choice. Sand blast, or ...
  • AssemblingWe can complete full machine or equipment assembling so that they can be immediately used by the client.
    Temporally assembled in our factory, to make sure everything is well, then dismantle for packaging.